1. Flappy Birds

    Launch Flip-Books by Juan Fontanive; and learn something about how they were made from old bike parts.

  2. Bezier Curves

    Launch a useful look at Bezier curves, via Joana Correia.

  3. Laurie Rosenworld

    Launch her website.

  4. Artistic Anatomy


    A great resource for anyone interested in drawing the human form in a realistic way. 100’s of hours of great study material. Launch project. Via Ronald Kapaz of OZ design.

  5. The archaeologist of African vinyl

    Launch! (From the BBC)

  6. Lost & Found

  7. PeloMONO

  8. Chris Ware talks about his work

  9. Museum of Internet

    link to image, found on:


  10. Tony Montanaro: Theatre & Inspiration Trailer

  11. Tune In Tokyo


    Source of design unknown. Contextual link via Hugo d’Alte, here.

  12. Tears


    Tears by Philippe Caza. Via João Paulo Figueiredo.

  13. Spector Books

    Launch site.

  14. Os GIFs animados psicodélicos do século XIX


    Old tools made new with new technologies. Bravo! (Text in Portuguese). Launch project.

  15. Adobe Kuler